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    This is a quality reproduction print of Susie Griffin's original artwork entitled "Daisy".

    This image is printed on high quality luster finish paper with archival inks that will hold their color for nearly 100 years. The image size you choose will have a small 1/4" internal white border perfect for framing. The watermark will be absent in the print you receive.

    If you would like a giclée canvas print of this image, contact me for pricing!

    Please note that all diligence was given to accurately reflect the color scheme present in the painting. However, due to the varied types of computer displays, the exact colors you see here may be slightly different than the ones you receive.

    About Daisy...

    This painting is my interpretation of a girl I’d like to call “Daisy”, inspired loosely by the fable by Aesop called “The Daisy”. In Aesop’s story, the daisy feels somewhat like an outsider (even though she truly is a beautiful flower). She could feel sorry for herself, but she doesn’t at all because she knows who she IS on the inside. She stands alone, brave, and with a complete love that drives her and gives her purpose. This painting of Daisy depicts her with the same beauty, both inner and outer. Her hair is the bright yellow center of a daisy, and the petals wrap lovingly around her neck.

    This painted Daisy...she might be what others might describe as a “normal”, tee shirt and jeans kinda girl, but what other people think about her or not really doesn’t make much difference. She is who she is...and she is beautiful. She folds up her beauty around her ears, shuts her eyes to the world and concentrates on what drives her. She loves...deeply and truly. She loves her little dog. She loves animals. (The bird’s nest barrette is an artistic nod to the true and selfless love the daisy in Aesop’s fable felt for the little bird.) She loves nature, and the natural colors she wears represent that, as do the abstracted islands beneath her elbow (representing stunning places like Hawaii).

    The daisy in Aesop’s fable loves so deeply that she ends up giving her life unnoticed by those around her. This painted Daisy will meet no such fate. There is a great plan that the world needs from such a beautiful heart such as hers. This doesn’t mean she automatically knows where life will lead her, though. Sometimes, her thoughts turn to what will come “next”. This is when she reminds herself that it is not the destination, but the journey of her life that matters the most. The “treasure map” on the globe behind her depicts a beautiful plan that lets her see a bit of everything...the mountains, the forest, the cities, and the tropical places. Even though she may gravitate toward some more than others, she concentrates on the experiences she has along the way rather than fixating on an end goal to satisfy her every need. It is in this slowly absorbed pace of life where she finds her peace. (If you look at the high rise buildings, they create a very abstracted “peace” sign.)

    When the day is done, Daisy lets the weight of the world drop off her shoulders as she rests in the knowledge that she is beautiful, she is loved, and she loves those around her with all her soul...and that surety of life means everything to her.
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