About Me

I have been working in creative fields since the late 1990s. I have a background in floral design, interior decorating, home economics, scrapbook design, etc. Painting has always been a crucial part of my creative process, but I am constantly evolving in my medium, technique, and topic. I paint for the journalistic freedom that it gives me, and only decided to release these paintings as prints in early 2009. Shortly after that, I opened a full shop at a Helena, Montana's Farmer's Market, stocked artwork and/or artwork gifts at several retail shops, and was chosen as the sole featured artist at the Helena, Montana Fall Art Walk (2009). In 2010-2011, I designed award winning Christmas displays for charity event auctions...some of which drew thousands of visitors and record setting donations. In Springfield, Illinois (2012-2013) I donated my time to provide large scale art installations to a local non-profit local organization. In 2013, I moved to Alaska. While there, I created, showed, and taught art within the vibrant arts culture. I moved to Washington state in 2018. If you found me on social media channels, where I create and paint on live broadcast...welcome!